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A home from home for your child

Mad Hatter's Nursery School is situated in the grounds of Bohunt Community School and Centre, in the village of Liphook.  We welcome children from age 2 to 4 years and are open Monday-Friday during term time. 


Mad Hatter's has a warm and welcoming environment in which every child is encouraged to participate in a wide variety of play and educational activities through our indoors and outdoors curriculum.

We aim to support your child's all-round development and prepare him or her for the future. Your child will benefit from our staff's experience and educational training 


About Us

We are proud to do things differently


Our Team

Our highly qualified staff support children to fully reach their individual potential



Find out what Ofsted, parents and most importantly - the children have to say about us


Our Aims

  • Provide quality childcare in a safe, stimulating and caring environment.

  • Offer a broad and balanced curriculum, which includes experiences beyond that which can be provided at home, but in ways that compliment family life.

  • Through communication with parents, and observations of each child, actively incorporate into our planning those things that are of current interest to individual children.

  • Show consideration to the children as individuals, allowing them to develop independence and decision making at their own pace with care and support from all concerned adults.

  • Teach respect for the environment, property, animals and humans alike.

  • Develop the art of good social skills and standards of behaviour through experience and example.

  • Stimulate children’s natural desire to learn through all aspects of nursery life.

  • Communicate with and involve parents in nursery life.

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