ProTot Sports Sessions

ProTot Sports is a unique sporting and physical development programme, specifically designed for Nursery, Pre-School and Primary School aged children.


This progressive and innovative system provides a huge variety of activity and was compiled and structured by a small team of Sports Teaching professionals all of whom are multi-sport qualified and have Professional and Semi-Professional sporting experience.


Our programme for younger children (3 years) puts emphasis on body strength, body awareness, and motor coordination, along with emphasis towards specific skill acquisition for the variety of sports; such as kicking, catching, throwing, tracking and anticipation.


For older children (4+Years) the level of activity will steadily increase and technical skills and complex movements, related to the variety of sports coached, are performed at a higher standard and eventually performed at an autonomous level.


All equipment used by ProTot Sports is recommended by relevant Governing Bodies, including The Royal Society of Arts and follows the guidelines and information stated by Ofsted.


As with any good teaching system, the teaching equipment and techniques used during our programmes incorporate key elements of creative and imaginative play/learning aspects. All of which will become important throughout nursery life and into early school years.


ProTot Sports (PTS) is designed to develop and enhance;


  •          Technical skill and education across sports (Football, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball and Athletics)
  •          Body strength
  •          Body awareness
  •          Mobility
  •          Control
  •          Coordination (E.g. Hand/Eye - Feet/Eye - Head/Eye - and all combinations thereof)
  •          Motor skills
  •          Confidence
  •          Physical manipulation skills (Of a wide range of sports equipment)
  •          Social skills
  •          Balance
  •          Spatial/physical awareness skills in indoor & outdoor environments

KinderMusik with Ali

Kindermusik With Ali provides unique, fun-filled music and movement sessions through age-appropriate activities for Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers. The educational content and high- quality instruments and props enable children to develop their sense of rhythm, self-expression, confidence, and physical control.  The children engage with new interactive themes each term, that introduce simple musical concepts, such as high/low, start/stop and fast/slow, as well as discovering how instruments are used to create different sounds. Favourite activities such as the light show and parachute songs combine textures, sounds and movement for a multi-sensory learning experience.

Conservation Art Project